Ludd Announcement

For the launch of his typeface LUDD designer Ned Drew asked that we create an online tool in which users could test the many styles and weights of his new letterforms.

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The LUDD Project represents several years of investigations, lessons learned and visual discoveries by graphic designer and Rutgers-Newark professor, Ned Drew. What began as a simple personal project soon grew unexpectedly into a family of typefaces.
Over this exploration period, Drew intuitively collected a small, core group of visual impressions, ideas and inspiration. He took from his findings; the 1960s Volkswagen Beetle he grew up with, the proportions and beautiful simplicity of the Japanese national flag, the graceful curves found behind a womanʼs knee, the faultless design of the modest paper clip or the curvilinear elegance found in the ball terminals of Bodoniʼs namesake typeface. From these ideas, Drew developed LUDD.

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