Gerard Hoffnung

Gerard Hoffnung

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Artist, musician, tuba player, humorist, broadcaster and raconteur

The Gerard Hoffnung website is an extensive collection of the artists cartoons, his biography, rare film footage, audio, and an extensive archive of material and memorabilia.

Design by David Pearson

"…So began a new phase which was not confined to drawing. The radio revealed him as a natural comedian, both in his talks and in his activity as a member of the quiz programme One Minute Please. This really brought him the wide popularity which turned him into a national personality. What he said and the way he said it were just as oddly absurd as his drawings, turning logic inside out and reason upside down…"

Bruno Adler

"Never before at an Edinburgh exhibition can so many visitors have been heard giving way to uninhibited laughter as the crowds filing through the Hoffnung exhibition. There is the familiar fabulous cast… In all, this exhibition is guaranteed to keep you happy for as long as you have time to spare."

The Guardian, August 1968