RU-N Dialogue

RU-N Dialogue

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The RU-N Dialogue platform

The RU-N Dialogue platform is a collective archive of what the Rutgers community wants to talk about. Here you can contribute to the conversation, explore and interpret what others share, and experience the dialogues that emerge.

2021-2022 marks the 75th Anniversary of Rutgers University- Newark’s designation as a public institution of higher education. In this 75th anniversary, as our nation reckons with deep racial, political, and ideological fracture, our University is once again called upon, as a public, anchor institution, to provide a space for critical conversation that can lead toward understanding, knowledge production, mobilization, and healing.


The RU-N Dialogue platform is part of the Dialogue in a Time of Fracture project, a collaboration between Executive Vice Chancellor Sherri-Ann Butterfield and the Newark Chancellor’s Office, and Mellon Humanities Fellows Jennifer Bernstein, Jason Cortes, and Domingo Morel to engage our entire campus community, aimed at fostering conversation in this time of division. Dialogue events include a two-day symposium, workshops, and this digital platform – RU-N Dialogue – that will help document and extend these conversations.